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Christmas drinks

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Christmas drinks

We’re literally getting into the festive spirit this Christmas, so join us for some winter warmers throughout the month. We’ll be serving up a classic Mulled Wine, as well as a Drambuie Toddy and Hot Buttered Rum from award-winning bartender and Assistant General Manager Andrew Lennie. Andrew has also shared his recipes below for you to make at home – perfect if the wintry weather has you snowed in.

Mulled Wine £5.50
Drambuie Toddy £5.75
Hot Buttered Rum £5.75

Drambuie Toddy

25ml Drambuie
20ml lemon juice
20ml honey
25ml apple juice
Hot water
Garnish: lemon slice

– Add the Drambuie, lemon juice, honey and apple juice to a glass and stir
– Top with hot water and garnish with a lemon slice

Hot Buttered Rum

25ml Sailor Jerry rum
Two brown sugar cubes
10g butter slice
Hot water

– In a bowl, cream together the butter and sugar
– Add the rum and hot water and mix until combined
– Pour into a glass

Mulled Wine

1 bottle of red wine
160ml apple juice
160ml orange juice
Half a cinnamon stick
1 tsp brown sugar
Garnish: 4 orange slices

– Place all of the ingredients into a pan and slowly bring to the bowl
– Remove the cinnamon stick
– Pour into glasses and garnish with an orange slice

Christmas drinks